Spencer Stuart-Refining the Roadmap-A Guide to Onboarding the Next Generation of Board Talent

Roughly 50 percent of S&P 500 companies will be replaced in the next 10 years—a reality that reflects
a complex landscape of emerging risks, as well as the immense pressure on today’s companies to
innovate or be left behind. As investors and market pressures drive organizations to become more
digital, more global and more sustainable, boards are finding that today’s discussions necessitate new
perspectives and areas of expertise.

Generational or age diversity is gaining merit in today’s boardrooms as the skill sets boards need are
increasingly found among younger generations. As younger, less-experienced directors arrive in the
boardroom, the extent to which they can add value to board discussions depends on how quickly their
boards can get them up to speed—a process known as onboarding. Yet, as the profile of today’s new
directors begin to change, are onboarding programs keeping pace?

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