Austin Chapter Event

Austin Chapter Event

We are excited to have Sherry Richard lead a discussion on Cyber Security “from a director’s perspective”.  She has built her cyber board expertise with a Cyber Security Certificate from Carnegie Mellon and is pursuing the same from the Harvard Extension School.


As instructive prework for the discussion - Sherry recommends watching the semi documentary titled Zero Days. You can find it for free on YouTube. The is story about Stuxnet - one of the most famous worms in history. It is widely accepted that the US and Israel created the worm which damaged the Iranian nuclear facility. It explains the concept of Zero Days and is entertaining - albeit a bit scary about the possibilities.

4/30/2019 11:30 AM - 4/30/2019 1:30 PM
La Condesa 400 West 2nd Street Austin, Texas 78701 UNITED STATES

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