Netherlands Chapter Event

Future of Work – fireside chat with Edie Weiner
Tuesday 14 September – 6pm CET / noon EDT

WCD would like to invite you for an inspiring fireside chat with Edie Weiner, one of the world’s renowned futurists, on the Future of Work.
The pandemic accelerated existing trends in remote work, e-commerce and automation. While it is generally believed that these trends will result in the loss of some jobs, many other jobs will be created, and a lot of jobs will change. What changes could be in store for the workplace, the workforce and the nature of work?  
Edie Weiner is the CEO and President of The Future Hunters, a leading futurist consulting group in the U.S. She previously held positions on over 30 public, private and non-profit boards and advisory boards including US Comptroller General’s Advisory Board.
In preparation for the fireside chat we would like to ask you to view Edie Weiner’s speech at the Singularity University Australia Summit from 2018.
(237) Future of Work | Edie Weiner | SingularityU Australia Summit 2018 | Singularity University - YouTube
“There will be work for everyone who wants it.  For the cans who can imagine, for the new industries that are being created and the problems that will need to be resolved. Yes, AI will erase a lot of jobs, but not humanity. We will be working well into the future..”
We are looking forward to see you in this virtual roundtable and fireside chat with Edie Weiner on Future of Work.

If you have questions for Edie Weiner, please submit them in advance to Petra Groenland  or Mylena Pierremont.

On behalf of WCD Netherlands,
Mylena Pierremont, Monique van Dijken Eeuwijk and Petra Groenland
9/14/2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Virtual Event

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