Netherlands Chapter Event

Netherlands Chapter Event
Sliding doors in the geopolitical landscape
What does Russia invading the Ukraine tell us?

Geopolitics now weigh more heavily on us than at any time since the end of the Cold War. The Russian invasion of the Ukraine has revived trans-Atlantic cooperation and raised the spectre of new competitions between rival poles. In an increasingly multipolar and multi-conceptual world, singular ideas about how best to look after global affairs seem to be replaced by a diffusion of power and political values. 

This calls into question alliance and multilateral institutions that have been cornerstones of the global order since World War II and risks undermining responses to global challenges like pandemics, climate change, terrorism, making true on the Sustainability Development Goals that also the companies for which we serve as Board members are confronted and maybe even charged with. 

Ukraine is on the frontline of a violent war. It is defending not only its territorial integrity but more importantly, the democracy and freedom that many of us enjoy and often take for granted. It is beyond difficult to continue to witness Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, with the fierce attacks on civilians and the utter destruction of the country's infrastructure. Additionally, we are witnessing Europe's largest and fastest-growing refugee crisis since World War II. Millions of people have already crossed the border, seeking refuge in what they hope to be safe havens. An ever-growing list of companies have ceased all operations in Russia. The dependence on Russian gas, challenging the energy transition. The impact of it all felt in every aspect of daily live, in our companies. 

How do we as Board members deal with these Sliding Doors in the geopolitical landscape? We are honoured to have Pherdi de Koning, our guest speaker, guiding us in this maze of changing powers and values and to share his insights. As we look forward to enter into a dialogue with you as to how to prepare, address, plan and respond. 

08:00-08:30   Reception, coffee/tea
08:30-10:00   Start, breakfast and dialogue
10:00-10:30   Close and networking

Guest Speaker:
Pherdi de Koning: Officer in the Dutch armed forces and advisor to the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security. [biography is included below]

We are truly looking forward to seeing you in person again. To get informed, inspired and activated. As we take a stand, we join so many others in hoping for a more peaceful and sustainable future for everyone. 

On behalf of WCD Netherlands, 

Mylena Pierremont, Monique van Dijken Eeuwijk and Petra Groenland