Tennessee Chapter Event

Tennessee Chapter Event

Katy Kutay, chief resilience officer for Northern Trust, will join us for a conversation about how boards and corporation are navigating corporate resiliency in a rapidly changing environment in the workforce, with clients and from a regulatory perspective.  Katy will share key trends for companies to consider when evaluating resiliency.

Over the last few years, more and more companies and regulators are starting to speak about the concept of ‘holistic business resiliency’ and its importance for the long-term sustainability of financial services industry. Resiliency signifies a company’s ability to recover from external stress, prevent internal stress and thrive in altered circumstances. In other words, it’s about consistently outperforming on both ‘rainy days’ and ‘sunny days’.


While resiliency is not a net new concept – financial (and many other) institutions have long-established risk management and business continuity practices – the bar is rising. The pace of change in the environment in which companies operate and the increasing expectations of their stakeholders require that they take a more strategic approach to resiliency.


In economic terms, resiliency has tremendous impact on a company’s long-term performance. Industry research suggests that, in the long-run, how the company performs in periods of crisis (i.e., on ‘rainy days’) is 3X more important than how it performs in periods of stability (i.e., on ‘sunny days’), yielding disproportionately higher Total Shareholder Returns (TSR).

4/11/2023 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Henrietta Red 1200 4th Ave N Nashville, TN 37208 UNITED STATES

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