Sasha Havlicek
United Kingdom
Founder and CEO, Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD)

Breakout Session: True, False or … Neither? Tackling Disinformation Globally and Its Implications for the Boardroom

Sasha has spearheaded ISD’s pioneering research and data analysis of disinformation, hate and extremism, as well as ISD’s policy advisory, frontline training, digital education, tech and communications programmes to operatively push back on the forces threatening democracy and the cohesion of society at large.

With a background in conflict resolution and an expertise in global extremist movements, digital information operations and electoral interference, she has advised a range of governments at the highest levels and spearheaded partnerships with the UN, EU Commission and Global Counter- Terrorism Forum. She has also worked with the private and civil society sectors to innovate real- world solutions to the rising challenges of polarisation, extremism and hate, including major programmes run in partnership with Google, FB and Microsoft.

Sasha serves as an expert advisor to the UK Counter-Extremism Commission and the Mayor of London’s counter-extremism programme, and is a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations. Sasha previously served as Senior Director at the EastWest Institute where she led conflict resolution programming. Sasha has testified before US Congress, the UK Parliament and is a regular commentator in the media (CNN, BBC, Channel 4 News and other networks). Sasha Havlicek is the Founding CEO of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), an independent ‘think and do tank’ dedicated to safeguarding human rights and reversing the rising global tide of hate, extremism and polarisation.