Family Business Governance Institute – Elaine King, Ashley D. Joyce, Lauren Tracy, Liza Henriquez, and Ma Cherry Trivedi

Family Business Governance Institute – Melanie Devlyn, Whitney A. Chatterjee, Christie Hefner, Eve Tahmincioglu, and Janet Clarke

Global Institute - Melissa Lora, Edie Weiner, Nancy Pfund, and Mary Wagner

Global Institute - Barbara Tanabe, Marina Brogi, Undraa Agvaanluvsan, and Susan Lund

Visionary Awards Dinner – Susan Stautberg, Recipient of WCD Visionary Award for Strategic Leadership and Jill Kanin Lovers

Visionary Awards Dinner – Jill Kanin Lovers, Joan Steel, and Laurie Ann Goldman

S&P 500 -  Mary Pat McCarthy, Candy Duncan and Molly Zhang

Maggie Hanson-Muse, Recipient of The Susan S. Stautberg WCD Member Leadership Award.

Visionary Awards Dinner -  Deborah Norville

Global Institute -  Kathleen Crampton and Susan Stautberg 

S&P 500 -  Pat Russo and Maggie Wilderotter

S & P 500 Group 2018 - Pat Russo, Kapila Anand, Susan Keating, Maggie Wilderotter

WCD Co-founders, Susan Stautberg and Alison Winter

WCD Global panel 1 - Cindy Fornelli, Mari Kooi, Mel Richards, Monique Leroux, and Mosun Belo-Oulsoga