Ana Paula Pessoa

Ana Paula is currently a partner, investor and Board Chair of Kunumi AI, a leading artificial intelligence start-up in Brazil, with purpose guiding its health-tech and fintech impact investment choices. She joined the Credit Suisse Global Board in Zurich in 2018 as an Independent Director and member of the Audit, the Innovation and the Conduct and Financial Crime Control Committees. She has been an independent board member and member of the Audit Committee of News Corporation, New York, since 2013, and an independent board member and member of the Strategy and Investment Committee of Vinci Group, Paris, since 2015. Ana is passionate about improving diversity in global corporations and understanding how technology and social changes will impact corporate cultures.

In 2015, she was appointed CFO of the Organizing Committee of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, a position she held until March 2017. She is proud of having delivered exceptional games despite the overarching political and economic crisis Brazil was undergoing at the time. From 2011 to 2015, she devoted her professional time to starting, growing and selling Neemu Internet, a leader in search and recommendation technology for e-commerce, which was later acquired by Linx S.A, Brazil’s largest retail software house. Ana was responsible for bringing Brunswick Group to Brazil, a global strategic communications company, in which she was managing partner. Previously, she spent 18 years at Globo Organizations occupying various senior management positions in telecommunications, cable and satellite TV, print media, radio and newspapers, including CFO and innovation director. She worked for the United Nations Development Program and the World Bank both in the US and in Africa, Her volunteer and philanthropic activities focus on education initiatives and environmental concerns to ensure sustainable growth and cooperation between local communities and the private and public sectors. This brought her to join the Global Advisory Council for Stanford University, the Advisory Board of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Brazil, the Audit Committee for Fundação Roberto Marinho in Brazil, Instituto Atlantico de Gobierno in Spain. She is a board member and founder of SUBA Board (Stanford University Brazil Association). And a member of WCD, São Paulo Chapter.

Ana Paula holds a BA in economics and international relations and MA in development economics from Stanford, having studied and worked at both the Berlin and the Florence campuses. Her extensive exposure to international experiences has guided her career.

She is a Brazilian citizen, resides in Rio de Janeiro, is married and is the mother of two teenagers/young adults.