Cheemin Bo-Linn

Dr. Cheemin Bo-Linn has served as Board of Director and Audit Chair for companies in Canada, US, and Europe. In 2019, she was named “Top 100 Board of Directors,” (by the Nat’l Association of Corporate Directors which represents over 20,000 board members.) Currently, she is CEO and President of Peritus Partners Inc., an analytic platform and business IT/marketing consultancy. Leveraging her expertise in digital technologies (artificial intelligence, block chain, cybersecurity, and data analytics) she was IBM Vice-President running at $3.5B group and CRO/ Digital CMO at e-commerce, mobile, finance, and software companies.

She was inducted to the “Hall of Fame for Women in Technology”, (a program supported since US Presidents Bush through Obama), “Most Influential Silicon Valley Exec” Awardee, named “Top 100 CEOS in STEM,” and invited speaker to the United Nations, Dow Jones, and British Chamber.

She earned a Doctorate degree in Computer Information Systems and Organizational Change from the University of Houston and is Visiting Professor on digital tech (AI, big data, cyber security) and marketing at the joint Columbia University, London School of Business, and Hong Kong University EMBA/MBA program.