In March, 2018, WomenCorporateDirectors (WCD), convened a group of board leaders from top global companies to challenge the continued barriers to diverse board representation.

The Nominating & Governance Chair (N&G) Roundtable – composed of 18 male and female, ethnically diverse board chairs, CEOs, and nominating and governance committee chairs, was represented by companies ranging from Aetna and McDonald’s to Alaska Air and Levi Strauss.

As a result of the initial peer exchange, the group has developed an action plan with five workstreams designed to actively address the issue:

Nom & Gov Action Plan for Increasing Diversity
1. Convene Nominating & Governance peer group exchanges focused on board diversity
2. Explore the value of a centralized database of diverse directors and board candidates
3. Architect a strategy to engage investor groups and alliance organizations
4. Develop a library/resource for Nominating & Governance committees
5. Benchmark and establish best-in-class individual board member performance assessments.

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