What Does Digital Transformation Mean for Leaders?

Digital forces are disrupting and reshaping nearly every

business sector. Roles that did not exist even five years

ago are rising in prominence, and many organizations

are adopting a “fail fast and learn” philosophy in order

to keep pace with new innovations and disruptive

technologies. Two leaders at the forefront of this

transformation — Ashwin Nathan, head of marketing

and data at PepsiCo NA E-commerce, and John Palmer,

senior vice president and chief learning officer of

AT&T — recently joined us for a discussion about how

digital impacts talent decisions and organizational

culture. One thing became clear: It is vital that senior

executives understand the far-reaching implications of

digital and how they may need to rethink traditional

approaches to talent strategy, career paths and the

working style of the organization going forward. Here

are some key takeaways for leaders to keep in mind as

their organizations continue on their digital journeys.

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