10 Learnings from Managing a Crisis in a Family Business

In 2015-2018 I had the privilege to manage a crisis in our family business. In his article I share my top
learnings from this experience and hope that this will help many in the current situation.
1) Be empathetic
When you are stuck in a crisis you have to deal with several different parties. There are stakeholders,
employees, advisors, co-founders or family members, regulators etc. and all these parties need to be
taken into consideration when you make a decision. I learnt the hard way, that you better
understand each and every one of them thoroughly. You really need to take each person’s
perspective into account and try to think and feel like them. Only then will you be able to get a good
understanding. Why are they doing what they are doing? What is their agenda? What are their
goals? What are they scared of?

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