Road Map for Return
Guidance for a return to the office during COVID-19 

Every organization is working towards a phased approach to returning to
offices during the response to COVID. We are partnering with clients to
help them navigate a roadmap for safe return that requires a
multifaceted approach to planning and change.

Grounded in public health guidance, this set of guidelines encompasses
several important considerations in moving from a response to transition
phase, then towards a recovery phase once workplace restrictions are
lifted in various regions.

Guidance includes recommendations on employee readiness, maximum
seat capacity, team scheduling scenarios, prioritizing business needs, and
remote work. Additionally, recommendations include considerations on
physical distancing analysis, office protocols, along with suggested
behaviors and messages that should be incorporated into every planning
phase to provide a safe, healthy, and resilient return to the office.

This introductory package includes guidance on how to:

1. Understand the phases of the
2. Develop a framework for return
3. Understand the risks of returning
4. Assess employee readiness
5. Determine your facility’s capacity
6. Identify who returns first
7. Evaluate continued remote work
8. Consider schedulingstrategies
9. Implement operational changes
10. Reinforce behaviors & messages

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