Board agendas should continue to evolve in 2018 as the game-changing implications of technology/digital innovation, scrutiny of corporate culture and leadership, growing demands for companies to address environmental and social issues, and investor expectations all drive a sharper focus on positioning the company for the future.

Drawing on insights from KPMG's work and interactions with directors and business leaders over the past 12 months, KPMG highlighted six items for private company boards to consider in their 2018 agendas—on critical challenges at-hand, and on the road ahead—as they help guide the company forward.

  • Help the company keeps its eye on the ball: long-term value creation.
  • Expect disruption to continue full-force, with technology and “digital” at its core.
  • Be particularly sensitive to risks posed by the tone at the top and culture throughout the organization.
  • Learn to live with cyber risk—and continue to refine the board’s discussions about cyber risk and security.
  • Focus on developing a board that is fit for purpose looking forward, recognizing that diversity and independent perspectives are key.
  • Monitor the implementation plans and activities for major accounting changes on the horizon--particularly the new revenue recognition and lease accounting standard.

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