Transforming the C-suite:

Developing and Advancing Women Leaders

Throughout history, successful companies, thriving economies and prosperous communities have been characterized by their openness to diverse ideas and their commitment to inclusion.

Yet despite progress in many areas, the evidence shows that there is much more work to be done, particularly in achieving true gender parity in all levels of business. While it is widely accepted  today that the full inclusion of women executives improves a company’s financial performance,  and a majority of organizations have a formal senior leadership inclusion initiative in place, the  data shows that the number of women in these positions is still significantly low. 

FORTUNE Knowledge Group, with sponsorship from Royal Bank of Canada, developed this study to reinforce the importance of female advancement by identifying the barriers in achieving gender parity and uncovering solutions to accomplish this goal.

The analysis in this study unearthed correlations between the profitability and revenue growth of companies that have achieved higher levels of gender diversity in senior positions. The findings in this paper outline six recommended practices to help address the low level of gender parity in  major corporations.

In addition, FORTUNE has developed a new Honor Roll to identify 20 companies from the FORTUNE 500 that are leading the pack in achieving gender diversity. I would like to congratulate these companies in their efforts and success in this important endeavor. 

At RBC, we’re proud of the progress we’ve made in creating a diverse and inclusive culture, but equally recognize that we have more work to do. We know that fully realizing the talents of the many, not the few, is the route to true business success and sustainable growth.

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