WCD is a trusted community of support and expertise for women directors of public and large private companies – representing the highest levels of executive and board leadership in business today. A not-for-profit organization, WCD is committed to member education and connection, creating a global community of peers in corporate governance. We are advocates for women on boards, and for each other in our efforts to be visionary directors.

A word from Susan Stautberg and Susan Keating about the WCD leadership change….

Together, we would like to thank the WCD board and search committee for their outstanding work on this historic WCD succession process. Both of us are united in our vision for WCD as our organization heads into the next chapter. This is an exciting time, and we look forward to ensuring WCD’s growth around the world, engaging members and providing the best peer network serving directors today, tomorrow, and the years ahead. 

Susan Stautberg
CEO, chairman, and founder, WCD

Susan Keating
Incoming CEO, WCD

Deep thanks to Alison Winter – from Susan Stautberg

As we are undergoing the transition to our new WCD CEO this fall, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Alison Winter, WCD’s founding co-chairman.

Alison, then an executive with Northern Trust, was part of the group of women sitting around my dining room table 17 years ago, when we had a bold idea. We envisioned an organization for women directors who would support each other, share their experiences, and work to get other women on corporate boards. After Alison made a professional move to Chicago for Northern Trust, we expanded our network beyond New York, which led to the idea of establishing different “chapters” around the country. Alison and I became co-chairs of the new organization called “WomenCorporateDirectors.” From there, our membership took off, and soon went global.

Alison was integral to helping WCD become a real, functioning organization and community – giving us structure, a logo, and, always, a mission and strategy for driving us forward. We are indebted to her vision and advocacy, and owe her a world of thanks for setting us up for success from the start.

Profound appreciation to Henrietta Holsman Fore and her commitment to WCD – from Susan Stautberg

In thinking about WCD’s mission, legacy, and plans for the future, I want to give particular thanks to someone who has been a driver of this organization committed to global diversity: Henrietta Holsman Fore.

Henrietta is, quite simply, one of the most dedicated, respected, and fair individuals I have ever worked with. No one I know has shown greater commitment to opportunity, equality, and human potential around the world. Henrietta has truly made a difference in her commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity. As our global co-chair, Henrietta helped build WCD into a force to raise women up around the world. In all her work, she has moved mountains to further the equality of women, minorities, and indigenous peoples – not only onto boards of directors, but in every sphere of life.

Henrietta’s integrity is unparalleled, as is her leadership “on the ground.” She has tirelessly traveled around the world to launch WCD chapters and make sure that women directors on all continents can find opportunities to connect with each other and advance best practices in their companies. All of us at WCD can learn from her dedication and her humanity.

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WCD represents the preeminent women leaders in business today. WCD members serve on thousands of boards across six continents. Our members include CEOs, board chairmen, lead directors, C-suite executives, board members, and heads of global divisions in the major indices such as S&P 500, FTSE 250, DAX, Nikkei, and beyond.

WCD has 80 chapters around the world, with new chapters opening each quarter.