Apply for membership to a Global Community of Visionary Directors

We are a unique foundation inspiring visionary boards worldwide! WomenCorporateDirectors is the worlds largest membership organization and community of women corporate board directors serving more than 8500 public and private boards.

WCD Membership Criteria

In order to qualify for WCD membership, you must serve as corporate director on either a public company or large privately-held company or family-owned business, with a minimum annual revenue of US $200 million. International chapters may have a different minimum revenue for private and family business companies, depending upon the country.

Board Next Membership Criteria

If you are a Director, CEO, CFO, or C-Suite Executive and are not currently on a public board, WCD has a new program called BoardNext. The Chapters are currently located in New York and LA. BoardNext is for senior executive women who are not yet on a public or large private company board. The initiative includes educational training, introductions to board members and search firms, as well as a peer group network. To learn more about BoardNext, please click on the BoardNext tab.

Become Part of a Trusted, Global Peer Network

By joining a local chapter in your area, you become part of a network of corporate directors across six continents. Included in your membership are 3-4 chapter events each year, where members discuss boardroom issues in an inviting, off-the-record atmosphere. In your travels, you can connect with fellow members in other WCD chapter cities in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Share Expertise and Recognize Board Peers

As WCD members are among the most powerful and influential women in business today, we are proud to refer and offer numerous speaking engagements to our members throughout the year. WCD also recognizes companies, CEOs, and directors who demonstrate visionary leadership through our Visionary Awards program, and we encourage members to nominate their qualified companies and join in honoring these great achievements at the annual awards celebration.

Access Board Opportunities and Exclusive Director Events

WCD offers members exclusive access to events and opportunities for board service. Members receive invitations to members-only Institutes and programs – from the Global, EMEA, Asia Pacific, and Americas Institutes to chair/lead director roundtables and new directors seminars for first-and second-year directors. Also, building on WCD’s deep relationships with top global boards and nominating committees, WCD connects members with new board opportunities and offers members access to WCD’s proprietary list of open board seats.

Learn from Global Board Leaders and Governance Experts

Members highly value the director education resources offered by WCD – from live programming convening members and other governance experts to the research and publications WCD develops around the topics most relevant to directors today. Our Global Board Survey (conducted with Spencer Stuart and Professor Boris Groysberg at Harvard Business School), Board Strategy Briefings (produced with KPMG), and proprietary, searchable online database of articles, white papers, and research are some of the tools offered with your membership.