Dr. Cheemin Bo-Linn
United States
President & Chief Executive Officer Peritus Partners, Inc. Board of Director - BMC Stock Holdings Inc.; Chair, WCD Silicon Valley

Presenter: Visionary Awards Celebration

Cheemin currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Peritus Partners, Inc., a data analytics platform and international consulting firm focused on assisting companies in cybersecurity resolution, information technology, and digital transformation and marketing. Prior, she was Vice-President of IBM where she was responsible for a multi-billion dollar global business. She was also M & A Partner at a leading investment firm, and Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, and President to small to midsize growth companies in the mobile, internet, and tech sectors.

Currently, she is Board of Director and Tech/Cyber security Lead for BMC Stock Hldgs. (NASDAQ: BMCH), a multi-billion dollar manufacturer, distributor, and e-commerce platform. Her Board of Director experience spans six companies based in the US, Canada, and Europe in the industrial, consumer, internet, software, mobile, and health/medical device sectors. She has served as Audit Chair of two public companies and all major committees in addition to special M&A, Tech, and Risk committees. In 2019, Cheemin was recognized as one of the "Top 50 Directors” by the National Association of Corporate Directors, recognizing the most influential and high performing directors who serve on a public company board and as an independent committee chair. She was one of five international women inducted into the “Hall of Fame for Women in Technology”, a program supported since U.S. Presidents Bush through Obama. She was named StemConnector’s “Top 100 CEOs in STEM”, and the YWCA’s and Business Journal’s "Top Woman of Influence in Silicon Valley."

She earned a Doctorate degree from the University of Houston in “Computer based Information Systems and Organizational Change,” with work specialization in digital transformation, marketing, and technologies (artificial intelligence, big data analytics, blockchain, cyber security, and social media). Leveraging this domain expertise, thru 2018 YE, she was appointed Visiting Professor to senior level executives at the #1 ranked joint EMBA/MBA program of Columbia University, London School of Business, and the University of Hong Kong.