Kenny Vassigh

Kenny Vassigh is a Chief Systems Architect and Systems Engineer at NASA Ames Research Center, Office of the Chief Engineer. Kenny oversees design, development, test and operation of complex aerospace systems, vehicles, and technologies in support of NASA’s human spaceflight, science, aeronautics and technology development programs. Kenny has led development of various instruments and payloads for NASA’s biosciences and life sciences research, astronaut health and medical technologies. He leads a multi-disciplinary instrument development group responsible for research and design of various scientific instruments for Earth and Planetary Sciences, Astrophysics, Robotics and Autonomy applications. Kenny was a safety advisor for operation and test of autonomous vehicles on the campus of NASA Ames Research Center.

During his time at NASA Johnson Space Center, Kenny trained U.S. and international astronauts in conducting Extravehicular Activity (EVA) or spacewalk for assembly of the International Space Station.

In addition to his NASA and aerospace industry experience, Kenny worked in the data storage group at LSI Logic responsible for product development and marketing of various hardware and software data storage solutions.

Kenny teaches systems engineering and architecture for the University of California, Irvine, and is an advisor and mentor to Bay Angels, a San Francisco based angel investment group. He is a panelist for MIT Technology Review Global Panel and a product innovation judge for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Kenny received a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, Master’s in Engineering Management and Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering and Architecture.